OASIX Private Cloud

The advantages of virtualization with the guarantees of dedicated equipment and direct access to technical support

A single-tenant context for more personalization and efficiency

The best of two worlds

Combines the best of the classical computing world with the most innovative principles of the new cloud era, at a fair price.

Backup with hot standby units

The compute nodes are backed up with hot standby units that are ready to take over the workload in case a physical node fails.

Protección frente a vecinos

The most important resources are for the exclusive use of the customer and are therefore highly protected from the activities of other neighboring customers.

A network of available data centres

Additionally, the most critical environments can be replicated in Grupo Aire's network data centers for greater protection in the event of a catastrophe or failure in the data center.

No bottlenecks

Bottleneck-free data network that connects each physical computing node to different access switches via a 4 x 10 G link.

High Availability, Resilience and Redundancy

99.90% SLA availability. We have uninterruptible power supply systems and redundant network connections.

Private Cloud use cases

Have a "dedicated data centre"

The private cloud option is the next best thing to having a dedicated data centre.

Total flexibility

It allows us to adapt completely to the needs, objectives and requirements of each project. We offer tailor-made solutions.

Ensuring predictable performance

Thanks to environments composed of dedicated compute nodes, dedicated and isolated networks, and networked storage that avoids the "noisy neighbour" effect.

Improved security

A system that replicates the security level of a traditional, fully insulated environment.

Compliance with strict requirements

It is the most common choice for mission-critical applications and data, which require stringent performance, availability and security requirements.

Having transparency

The customer has information on hardware, physical location of the data, network equipment and topology, etc.

Pay per use and costs under control

Without a large initial capital investment and with the advantages of the Pay-per-use model.

Development and test environments directly in the cloud

Greater agility for developers, keeping pre-production and production environments intact.

Dedicated computing nodes

A Private Cloud environment is a cluster of private (virtualised) compute nodes and bare-metal (non-virtualised) servers that are privately interconnected.

Computing nodes host virtual machines from any cluster and feature fast DRAM, CPU/FPU power, fast and redundant network connections, and ephemeral local storage.

All advantages

Entornos personalizables cloud privada

100% customisable environments

Nube privada escalable y

A scalable and flexible private cloud

Monitorizacion de sistemas

24/7 system monitoring

OASIX Nube privada 1

With the peace of mind of having no neighbours

Soporte tecnico especializado

24/7 specialised technical support

Centros de datos de vanguardia

State-of-the-art data centres in Europe

Our experts will advise you

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