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Discover our WAF (Web Application Firewall)

A Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects the web server from multiple attacks. The function of the WAF is to analyze and control web application traffic and ensure the security of the web server by analyzing HTTP / HTTPS requests.

The OASIX WAF examines each request sent to the server before it reaches the application. This ensures that it complies with the firewall rules and can be blocked if it poses a threat to the security of the site.

Protects against multiple web server attacks

We analyze and control the traffic of web applications.

Blocks malicious requests before they arrive

Our WAF inspects all traffic before it’s too late

Alerts supervised by a specialized human team (SoC)

Our team of experts takes care of the security of your website

Automate your processes and simplify your management

Our WAF automates the management of malicious requests.

Customize your WAF and choose your whitelist or blacklist rules

Most WAFs follow some basic rules. Ours is customized

Proactively protecting all our customers

If we detect an attack on one of our customers, we apply measures to all of them.

These are the advantages

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Comply with legal requirements with our WAF

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Fast implementation: get it up and running in no time

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Regular attack reports with all the information

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Test pentesting (security audit)

Discover our SoC (Security Operations Center)

A SoC is a Security Operations Center (SoC) whose main objective is to ensure the security of the monitored companies by detecting anomalies in operation or consumption. Why? To identify threats and neutralize them before they achieve their objectives.

The procedures and tasks of our SoC are: detection, analysis, monitoring, classification, defense and investigation of potential threats and vulnerability assessment of the project, as well as incident response. Our service prevents attacks from advancing beyond level 1 99% of the time.

Highly trained specialized team

We have a number of professionals who test our systems

Outsource cybersecurity management

All tools are managed by our technical staff

Agility in threat detection

Thanks to process automation, we can quickly detect problems

These are the advantages

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Visibility of potential threats

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Prevents business interruptions

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Cost savings

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Protects the company’s reputation

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