OASIX Managed Services

Reduce costs and improve service quality by delegating IT tasks: 24/7 monitoring, data acquisition, update management, backups… all with high availability and concurrency.

We manage your IT infrastructure

With OASIX Managed Services (MSP) our team of experts will take care of your company’s IT tasks remotely. We have the best tools for this: from cybersecurity solutions to system monitoring and updates.

We are your Managed Services provider

System monitoring

We focus on the value proposition that monitoring should offer. We deploy end-to-end solutions that cover the entire flow: from hardware/network components, operating system, services, applications and even business metrics.

Data acquisition solutions

We work in the development of ad hoc solutions for data ingestion and monitoring of systems such as enterprise databases (SAP/Hana, Oracle), Interfaces with Cloud services (AWS Cloudwatch, Azure Monitor, Stackdriver) and ERP/CRMs (Salesforce, Odoo, Tryton).

Accompanied by our experts

You will always have qualified personnel at your side to help you. We have 24/7/365 on call. We firmly believe that much of the value provided by an MSP, is demonstrated in the difficult moments, solving or accompanying the client in the resolution of an interruption in their business.

Forget about updates

We will take care of getting all your systems up and running for you. We offer you our update management system for Linux and Windows systems.

Cybersecurity packages

Security, infrastructure and business continuity services: Life cycle security, SOC, business continuity and data integrity and training.

Prepared for high turnout

Our experience in the online world, both e-commerce and digital press, allows us to offer solutions for high user traffic.

These are the advantages

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High availability

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24/7/365 guards

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High turnout

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Ad hoc solutions

Our experts will advise you

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