OASIX Managed Services

Reduce costs and improve service quality by delegating IT tasks: 24/7 monitoring, data acquisition, update management, backups… all with high availability and concurrency.

We manage your IT infrastructure

With OASIX Managed Services (MSP) our team of experts will take care of your company’s IT tasks remotely. We have the best tools for this: from cybersecurity solutions to system monitoring and updates.

We are your Managed Services provider

System monitoring

We focus on the value proposition that monitoring should offer. We deploy end-to-end solutions that cover the entire flow: from hardware/network components, operating system, services, applications and even business metrics.

Data acquisition solutions

We work in the development of ad hoc solutions for data ingestion and monitoring of systems such as enterprise databases (SAP/Hana, Oracle), Interfaces with Cloud services (AWS Cloudwatch, Azure Monitor, Stackdriver) and ERP/CRMs (Salesforce, Odoo, Tryton).

Agility in threat detection

Thanks to process automation, we can detect problems quickly and anticipate them. We apply the best methods of deployment and administration of update management tools (Wsus, ManageEngine, AWS SSM).

Prepared for high turnout

Our experience in the online world, both e-commerce and digital press, allows us to offer solutions for high user traffic.

Management of updates

We'll take care of getting all your systems up to speed for you. We provide you with our update management system for Linux and Windows so that your team can focus their attention on other tasks.

Accompanied by our experts 24/7/365

You will always have a team of specialists at your side. We are on call 24/7/365. We firmly believe that much of the value of an MSP is demonstrated in the difficult moments, solving or assisting in the resolution of a business disruption.

Our cybersecurity solutions

Cybersecurity packages with security, infrastructure and business continuity services: lifecycle security, SOC, business continuity and data integrity and training.

Discover our WAF (Web Application Firewall)

A Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects the web server from multiple attacks. The function of the WAF is to analyse and control web application traffic and ensure the security of the web server by analysing HTTP / HTTPS requests.

The OASIX WAF examines each request sent to the server before it reaches the application. This ensures that it complies with the firewall rules and can be blocked if it poses a threat to the security of the website. We make regular reports of the attacks with all the information.

Thanks to our WAF you can comply with legal requirements easily. With its agile implementation, we can get you up and running in no time. We encourage you to test it by performing a pentesting (security audit).

Customise your WAF and choose your whitelist or blacklist rules.

Most WAFs follow some basic rules. Ours is customised

Automate your processes and simplify management

Our WAF automates the management of malicious requests

We proactively protect all of our customers

If we detect an attack on one of our clients,we apply measures to all of them

Alerts supervised by a specialised human team (SoC)

Our team of experts will take care of the security of your website

Discover our SoC (Security Operations Centre)

A SoC is a Security Operations Centre (SoC) whose main objective is to ensure the security of the monitored companies by detecting anomalies in operation or consumption. Why? To identify threats and neutralise them before they achieve their objectives.

The procedures and tasks of our SoC are: detection, analysis, monitoring, classification, defence and research of potential threats and vulnerability assessment of the project, as well as incident response. Our service prevents attacks from advancing beyond level 1 99% of the time.

Guarantees the continuity of your business

Our SOC prevents business interruptions, protecting your company's reputation

Cost savings

If you are the victim of a cyber-attack, the cost can be enormous: Loss of sales, extra development hours, possible fines...

Highly trained specialist team

We have different professionals who test our systems

Agility in threat detection

Thanks to the automation of processeswe can detect problems quickly

All advantages in OASIX Managed Services

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High availability

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24/7/365 guards

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High turnout

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Ad hoc solutions

Our experts will advise you

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