Backup & Disaster Recovery

Cloud data backup software that stores, analyses and encrypts information. Schedule and make backups wherever and whenever you want without using physical equipment and the risks involved.

Data protection and recovery solutions

Your company’s data downtime can disrupt your business. In view of this, it is necessary to have data protection and recovery solutions that guarantee the continuity of your business. OASIX offers different solutions adapted to each case.

Our services

OASIX Backup as a Service (BaaS) is the answer for companies that want to have a professional backup service and need to protect their data, as well as diversify their data risk. OASIX data protection services are based on hosting backups, information replication and data repositories in our infrastructures.


The simple, flexible and secure solution for your business.

  1. Install the backup software on the computers that you need to back up.
  2. Select the content you want to backup.
  3. Schedule and configure the making of copies.
  4. Manage your backups from a simple and flexible control panel wherever and whenever you want.

Discover everything that BaaS can offer you

  • Compliance: BaaS complies with new GDPR regulation
  • Storage: Enjoy unlimited cloud storage
  • Security: All your information is encrypted (AES 256-bit) before leaving your computer and stored in our data centers (ESP and EU).
  • Compatibility: BaaS is compatible with all commercial operating systems, databases and virtualization systems.
  • Flexibility: The BaaS infrastructure is scalable, adapting to your needs at all times, with detailed monitoring and reporting.

Choose your modality

BaaS Self-Service

Protect your infrastructure with Veeam Backup
& Replication and self-manage it.

Managed BaaS

Delegate the management of your backup to our OASIX Support team to fully focus on your business

Veeam Backup Connect is the perfect solution for companies that already have Veeam in their infrastructure and need to protect their data off-site with an additional Backup service.

Turnkey Solution

  • Integration with Veeam Backup & Replication server, so you can do off-site Backup on your own Backup server.
  • Veeam VBR Connect licenses are available as a service.
  • Remote repository for hosting your backups.

The advantages of Backup as a Service (BaaS)

  • Versatile repository: the service can function as an archiving repository or as a direct backup repository.
  • Self-service: self-service model, so you can manage backups on your own VBR server
  • Simple and cyber-secure: Connectivity between your servers and the central backup platform is implemented directly through Internet access, using a single TCP/UDP port, protected by SSL/TLS encryption, thus guaranteeing data confidentiality.

Our Disaster Recovery Services

Client-server solution
2. Duplication
3. Data storage
4. Failover in case of disaster
5. The server side also includes different types of storage located in the backup data center where full and incremental replications are stored.


Client for VMware (VMware agent):

In order to synchronize the data of the virtual machines in the customer’s VMWARE infrastructure, it is necessary to install a Linux machine, provided by the OASIX technical team, as an OVA file that is deployed on each ESXi host and replicates machines on these hosts.

Standard VMware tools are used to detect changes and get deltas on the machines (modified block tracking API), which in turn induce the tools on the (idle) operating systems to preserve data consistency within the replications.


Monitoring Dashboard

The service will have a web access to the DR system monitoring dashboard, where the status of all protected VMs can be viewed and monitored. In this panel you will be able to see the following data: DR single control panel.

  • Information screen of the resources used
  • Disaster recovery plans
  • Machine groups
  • Cloud sites
  • Notification page
  • Reporting section with detailed information on system resources

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