OASIX Platform as a service

We have different media solutions based on our own development of OTT/IPTV video platforms.

Your cloud infrastructure, flexible and efficient

We have the infrastructure and equipment necessary for the transport and processing of multimedia signal: from its collection to its delivery, as you want and where you want.

Combining our products and services we find solutions to meet your business expectations. Get to know our OASIX Platform as a Service portfolio.

Our Media Solutions:

Perseo TV

Perseo TV is a white label TV platform with advanced configuration and management capabilities for users, content, user interface, statistics and advertising.

We deliver audiovisual content with OTT, IPTV or hybrid technology to offer the user a streaming experience of live channels and video on demand that is compatible with a wide range of devices.

OTT Solutions

OTT Solutions is a modular OTT platform creation software.

Create the streaming platform that fits your business needs and expectations. We provide you with solid and ready-to-implement modules for the creation of streaming video, audio or live broadcasting services.


Displays Solutions is a digital signage software that allows you to configure and monitor all your displays from a single place.

Share your content simultaneously on all your screens to capture the attention of your target audience.


Contribution is our multimedia signal transport service that offers the possibility to collect multimedia signal from different sources and deliver it where and how you need it: live content, on-demand content.


Convert your channels and audiovisual content from one format, bitrate and/or resolution to another ensuring that the media file meets the needs of your hardware or audience.

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