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BYG Case Study: cost-saving IT modernization


The challenge

BYG needed to upgrade its systems to keep its internal operations in line with the evolution of its global growth.

In an effort to evolve the remote access experience for users and increase the efficiency of business operations, BYG chose OASIX as its main technology partner to develop a strategy to enhance its Remote Desktop infrastructure.

The solution

As an industrial company, BYG uses a collaborative environment R&D application, which was hosted locally on machines that were becoming obsolete and unsuitable for storing its know-how. So the first challenge was to migrate that application to the OASIXcloud.

The second challenge was to reduce costs in their remote desktop solution, as it was costing them a lot of money. And, finally, to clean up the client’s local DPC, which centralized all the network infrastructure of the company’s different sites.

The Implementation

Given the above needs, at OASIX we first decided to migrate the remote desktop solution to our private cloud. This lowered costs so that the savings could be invested in the migration of the R&D application. At the same time, this change improved remote connectivity for workers.

With respect to the local DPC, both virtual and physical machines were renewed and cleaned up to the maximum, improving connectivity and optimizing the DPC. With the migration of connectivity between customer sites to the OASIX cloud, a high-level security perimeter was also implemented.

Our expertise as MSP, our knowledge of cloud infrastructures and migrations, and our constant R&D in cybersecurity, have provided the client with the confidence to work together, always maintaining a clear and fluid communication in both directions.

Another objective of the collaboration was to strengthen security and optimize the network infrastructure. As a result, the migration of the existing solution was undertaken in order to optimize the organization’s operational efficiency and strengthen defenses against today’s constantly evolving cyber threats.

Likewise, several important technological projects have been undertaken, such as the migration of Siemens® Teamcenter PLM software from a physical to a virtual environment, in a joint effort between the application’s distributor and Grupo Aire.

The results

Migration to the cloud, system upgrades, optimization of the elements on premise and the creation of a new-generation security environment has meant a technological breakthrough that has exponentially improved the connection between sites and the development of the company’s projects on a global level.

The partnership between BYG and OASIX has provided scalable, reliable and adaptable solutions that have adjusted to the changing needs of today’s businesses.

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