Disaster Recovery

Data loss is a risk that businesses need to be prepared for. Recover your infrastructure from any disaster with our Disaster Recovery solution.

The simple, flexible and secure solution for your business.

1. Client-server solution.
2. Duplication.
3. Data storage.
4. Failover in case of disaster.
5. The server side also includes different types of storage located in the backup datacentre where full and incremental replications are stored. e incrementales.


Client for VMware (VMware agent):

In order to synchronise virtual machine data on the client’s VMWARE infrastructure, a Linux machine, provided by the Oasix Technical team, needs to be installed as an OVA file that is deployed on each ESXi host and replicates machines on these hosts.

Standard VMware tools are used to detect changes and get deltas on the machines (modified block tracking API), which in turn induce the tools on the (idle) operating systems to preserve data consistency within the replicas.


Monitoring Dashboard

The service will have a web access to the DR system monitoring dashboard, where the status of all protected VMs can be viewed and monitored. In this panel you will be able to see the following data: DR single control panel.

  • Information screen of the resources used
  • Disaster recovery plans
  • Machine groups
  • Cloud sites
  • Notification page
  • Reporting section with detailed information on system resources

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